Friday, December 5, 2014


Yeah... holiday is holiday. We spent half of our holiday at my hometown, Purwokerto. 
Here, I have quite much 'me time'. I do I do love it, its mean that I have time to sew. I prepared some notions to make bag along the holiday. But.... here I just see butterfly sewing machine at the corner. So.... I have to sew using this machine, no choice. Don't worry... I always try to be patient as long as I can. 
Before I sew, really not feel sure. But voilaaaaaaa.... I did it. I can make this 'slipad' . Will make better next. Wait and see, after holiday.

This slipad can be i-pad sleeve. There are two compartments. Using thick batting to protect our i-pad against scratches. Lightweight and durable design with soft interior. I used soft linen for exterior part.  

[fit for i-pad and note]

[ two compartments] 

[back side]

find the slipad photo tutorial here 

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